Douglas K Wilson, Colorado State Public Defender

Office of the Colorado State Public Defender

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What We Do

Colorado's Office of the State Public Defender is known for high-quality representation and an efficient organizational structure which provides effective assistance of counsel in a cost-conscious manner.

Our system is comprised of 21 regional trial offices.  The system also has a centralized appellate office that handles felony appeals from every jurisdiction in the state, as well as a centralized state administrative office.

The Public Defender managerial staff includes Douglas K. Wilson, Colorado State Public Defender; Frances Smylie Brown, Chief Deputy Public Defender; Brian N. Connors, Chief Deputy Public Defender; Daniel B. King and Tamara A. Brady, Chief Trial Deputies; Ann M. Roan, Training Director; Karen S. Porter, Chief Financial Officer; Tony Petruccelli, Chief Information Officer; and Office Heads and Office Managers in each of the regional and appellate offices.

The system employs 420 lawyers and a total staff of 656. For fiscal year 2014, the Office's operating budget is approximately 71 million dollars, which will support an estimated 134,000 cases carried this year by our regional trial offices and appellate office. For detailed information concerning the current and planned operations of the Office of the State Public Defender, please see the 2013-2014 Strategic Plan.


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